What is the menopause mastery membership? 

Other than a mouthful, the menopause mastery membership has been crafted to empower you as a practitioner to be better.  If you work with hormone clients - specifically peri-menopausal and menopausal women - you know how reliant they are on you and the support you give them. 
Often, ladies will come to you at one of the lowest points of their life. And they put their faith in you, as a practitioner, to help them muddle through. 

Too often, women are cast aside. Too often, problems are diagnosed without the testing every individual is entitled to.  So, the Menopause Mastery Membership aims to arm you with the know-how, strategies, and support from others in the field so you can be the practitioner your clients deserve. 

A 60-minute webinar diving into all things menopause. From DUTCH tests (and what the hell they mean) to learning how to create a solid partnership between you and your clients, we’ll leave no stone unturned. 

A 60-minute Q+A session where we chat about real-life cases, ask questions, and learn from other practitioners. 

Free access to our lab support forum. Perfect for when you can’t piece together test results. No more waiting a fortnight to get support from the lab. Just head to our lab support forum in a few clicks and our community of tip-top practitioners will be able to help you in minutes. 

Guest speakers from the best in the industry who deliver value bombs every single month. Learn from the best, keep your subject knowledge current and at its peak. 

A 10% discount on my 1:1 DUTCH support, and mentoring sessions. 

A 50% discount on any courses run by Charlotte Hunter Nutrition.

When you sign up for the Menopause Mastery Membership, you’ll get:

What’s included in the Menopause Mastery Membership? 

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BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist & Health Writer

Rachel Bartholomew

I can’t recommend Charlotte’s Menopause Mastery Membership highly enough! Charlotte generously shares her clinical knowledge and experience on supporting clients through the menopause and her extensive understanding of pretty much every functional test available. I look forward to the fortnightly sessions with Charlotte, Clare and a wonderful group of likeminded practitioners.

TCM acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine herbalist and Functional Medicine practitioner

Louise Collyer

Before the membership I found myself floundering at times With lab results and sometimes lacking clarity on how it related to the condition and overall experience of the client. Now as a member of Charlotte’s MMM practitioner group I have the support and resources I need to ask questions, gain insight and seek clarification. I also feel absolutely supported and reassured. I have found her support and training second to none and feel like I have a sage by my side helping me figure things out!

What Your Fellow Practitioners Think About M.M.M 

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After enrolling, you’ll log in to your own student portal. That’s where you can access to the membership.

How The Menopause Mastery Membership Works

Set up your monthly subsciption


Watch the
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Join the
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And I’ll go one step further.

60-minute webinar with some of the most knowledgable women in the industry.
Valued at £150. 

Routine 60-minute Q+A clinics to discuss cases and answer YOUR questions.
Valued at £150 a session. 

Access to the free online lab support forum.
Valued at £180. 

Direct access to monthly guest speakers (basically the Beyonce's of the practitioner world).
Valued at £200.

BONUS: 10% discount on 1:1 lab support and 1:1 mentoring sessions.
Valued at over £200.

BONUS: 50% discount on all courses.
Valued at £400

My team and I have poured everything we’ve got into this slick membership. Why? Because we want practitioners to change the world. If you work with only one client this month and change her life because of the value you’ve gained from the Menopause Mastery Membership, it’s 210% worth it. 

But in figures, how much true value do you get out of this rolling membership? 

How Much is The Menopause Mastery Membership Worth? 

But like I said: this isn’t about the money.

This is about changing women’s lives and giving them the support they need to break through their menopause.  I could charge £1300. It’s worth it.

But I wanted to make this accessible for every practitioner out there who works with menopausal women. So, the cost reflects what we need to keep the membership running. Nothing more, nothing less. 

When you sign up for the Menopause Mastery Membership today, you’ll get access to all those goodies for a measly £40 per month.

That’s a monumental saving of £1260. 

Everything out there’s a subscription right now, isn’t it? And with some subscriptions, you’re tied in for a certain amount of time. I had this exact experience with a certain broadband company and it drove me mad.

So, when you sign up for the Menopause Mastery Membership, you can cancel at any time.  Give it a test drive. And if it’s not everything you expected and more, just cancel your subscription. 

 I am 110% sure that you will reap so many benefits from just one of our goodies alone. So, if you sign up and feel that, within the first 14 days, you’re not gaining anything from the membership, I’ll give you your money back. 

It’s a zero-risk no-brainer. So, click on the ‘Subscribe Now’ button, and I’ll see you inside the membership. A world of menopausal support plans await!


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