Think back to the very beginning of your career as a practitioner. 
Remember that? The sheer overwhelm of information? The desperation to know everything? The late nights and constant worrying that the guidance you gave won’t help your clients make the changes they were looking for? 

The truth is, even decades later, that fear is still there. 

Because our clients come to us frustrated. Conventional medicine and routine GP appointments clearly haven’t worked, and they’re often our clients because they were made to feel like their hormones were just ‘part of life’. 

A very ‘deal with it’ approach that we, as practitioners, just don’t stand for. 

So, there’s a lot of pressure on us to get it right. 

Which is why we need to continuously learn. We need to stretch our knowledge as much as we can, because their course of action will depend on what we tell them to do. 

Every day, we’re becoming more and more aware of how to make hormone clients’ lives better. We have the power to transform a woman’s life. We can take away their suffering. So, it’s our duty to learn as much as we can to do that for them. 

That’s why I created two fan-dabby-dosey online courses. Both cover different areas so you can brush up on your weak points and become the strongest practitioner you can be. 

The DUTCH Essentials Course

We all know that testing is the key to a well-informed and successful support course. And DUTCH tests reveal everything. So, brush up on your DUTCH test knowledge and enroll in the DUTCH Essentials Course today.

Ever looked at DUTCH test results guidance and thought ‘this looks like a map of the London Underground?” Me too. 

Perhaps you’re brand new to DUTCH testing. You know the puzzles it can unlock for your clients. From oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels to melatonin and androgen pathways (and everything in between), DUTCH tests can show you what’s going on with your client’s hormones.

The Menopause Mastery Case Studies Course

Crack the metabolic code. Create expert blueprints for menopausal hormones for your clients. Learn from real-life experiences. Your Menopause Mastery Case Studies course is a series of 3 real-life case studies from my 1:1 menopausal and perimenopausal clients. 

Each case study shines a light on fantastic examples of Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine. We dive deep into the menopause mastery fundamentals, how to use a functional medicine approach and combine it with testing, and identifying hidden causes that link to your client’s symptoms. 

Together, we’ll draw out hidden issues inside a food diary. You’ll learn how to pick the perfect test. You will even face your fear of numbers on test results and stop relying solely on the diagrams. And, ultimately, you’ll understand how to combine all these pieces of a puzzle to create a solid and successful support plan to lessen your client’s symptoms and make their lives better. You can better your practice tenfold with the Menopause Mastery Case Studies Course. 


What To Expect When You’re Going Through Menopause?

Demystify your understanding of what’s happening to you. Arm yourself with solid, game-changing information to support you through this challenging phase of your life.

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