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You became a Nutritional Therapist - worked your behind off, spending your precious time and money, and solving a whole range of problems - to help people.  To show them that there can be a holistic way of treatment that lessens patients’ symptoms and gives them their life back. That deserves recognition alone. 

But the fact that you’re here right now, scrolling through the things I can give you to improve as a practitioner? You, my friend, are a nutrition ninja.  Here, we’ve got everything you’ve been searching for to become the best you can be. So, what’s your poison? 




Lab Support


Menopause Mastery Membership

Peri-menopausal and menopausal women are vulnerable. You, as a practitioner, have a duty of care to support and guide them through this tricky phase of their lives. 

The Menopause Mastery Membership offers a whole range of goodies, and it’s ongoing. As the research updates, so does the membership. You’ll be the first to know about news in the menopause space, and you’ll be able to mix with like-minded practitioners who want to better their professional development. 


Learn what your clients are going through to tailor your support plans and approach toward them. 

From menopause mastery to case studies to DUTCH testing, these 3 courses will teach you everything you need to know about hormonal changes + balance. 

Lab Support

DUTCH testing is a rabbit hole. With 1:1 or group lab support, we can navigate hormonal Wonderland together. You’ll learn who to test, when to test, and - most importantly - what the bloomin’ heck does it all mean? Signing up for my Lab Support services gives you all the know-how you’ll need to analyse DUTCH test results. Plus, I’m not tooting my own horn here, (or maybe I am. A little tooting never hurts), but you’ll be learning from someone who has worked with a range of the UK’s well-known labs. Being independent allows you to combine your medical knowledge of other clinical testing, pooling the results together for a more comprehensive diagnosis. Combine these findings and you’ll discover a comprehensive, effective method to support your clients. Sure, you could head to the guys that sell the test, but other than the physical test, where does that get you? 

Trust me when I say this: DUTCH testing isn’t something you can ‘wing’ or figure out on your own. 

So, stop looking at DUTCH results as if they’re hieroglyphics. Gain ongoing support, consistent updates, and the ability to read and measure DUTCH test results with my Lab Support packages. 


What To Expect When You’re Going Through Menopause?

Demystify your understanding of what’s happening to you. Arm yourself with solid, game-changing information to support you through this challenging phase of your life.

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