Perhaps it was the hot flushes that lead you here.

Or, maybe you’ve had enough of losing your keys every two seconds because of the brain fog?

No? Is it the mood swings that are giving your household whiplash? Or the lack of libido that’s causing issues in your relationship?

Whatever the symptom, I’m glad you’re here. 

Because it’s time to take back what was yours.

Your period may be dwindling - it may already be gone - but your body is still yours. 
Even though you might be feeling like a stranger inside yourself with no control, I promise that it’s all figure-out-able. 

That’s where my team and I come in. 

Stop Surviving. Start Living. 

With so many treatment options, the goal is to survive through something. In this case, surviving menopause requires time and patience. But this path means accepting defeat until it subdues. 

And ladies, what are we if not fighters? 

We bring life into this world. We bleed like warriors every month. And we go through constant battles because we were born with a uterus. 

If we can manage all the difficulties life has thrown at us, why would we submit to the menopause? 

Charlotte Hunter Nutrition isn’t just about surviving. It’s about thriving. It’s about learning, eating, and taking back the joy of life we’ve misplaced to our symptoms. 

Women weren’t put on this planet to survive. We were put here to thrive. So, learn which fuel can help your body function best in its battle against menopausal symptoms.

It’s time to start 
living, ladies.

Together, we’ll use food, supplements, and lifestyle choices to form a menopause mastery strategy. 

Nutritional therapy works best when it’s tailored toward the individual client. So, there’s no ‘one saucepan fits all’. 

What is Nutritional Therapy & How does it work? 

You and I will chat about your health, reviewing your medical history and lifestyle habits.

Book a consultation with me.


Then, we’ll chat about potential tests that’ll help us reach our goal quicker with fewer slip-ups.

We’ll outline your personal and health goals.


Tailored specifically to limit your symptoms and return the life you thought you’d lost.

I’ll create your personalised plan


How does eating right help me cope with the menopause?

‘Eat to ease’ is what I’ve always said. I said it through both my pregnancies and surgeries. As long as you know the foods that function for your body to limit your unique suffering, your diet can revolutionize your life.

The food you put into your body every day is packed full of ingredients and nutrients. 
If you combine the proper variations in the perfect quantities, you’ll see your menopause symptoms melt away like butter. 

Nutrition doesn’t 
limit you


What To Expect When You’re Going Through Menopause?

Demystify your understanding of what’s happening to you. Arm yourself with solid, game-changing information to support you through this challenging phase of your life.

Just fill 
me out

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