Clinical Tests

Hormone testing
Adrenal testing
Comprehensive stool analysis
Food sensitivity

We also conduct:

One of the frightening factors of the menopause is the unknown. You’re left guessing constantly. Is this normal? What stage am I at? When will this end?

But it doesn’t need to be that way. If we flip the switch and end the unknown, we can put measures in place to help you - not just manage but - master your menopause. What’s measured can be managed, which is why we’re into the whole test, don’t guess approach. 

Once your results are in, we’ll chat and map out your nutritional journey to a life in control. 

We use these tests to find out what your hormones are up to. 
Your hormones are carrying this drastic change, so understanding how they contribute to your symptoms is critical to drawing up a plan for menopause mastery. 

What tests can I have? 

I’ve seen, singlehandedly, how results from a DUTCH test can transform your life. So, DUTCH tests are one of my favourites.


Once we’ve covered all the critical info, you can go ahead and follow your individual plan. You’ve got the freedom to choose between booking a follow-up consultation or you can opt for email support. It’s totally up to you. To see real results, we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions.

Initial Consultations

Currently, all consultations take place on Zoom so that we can talk in the comfort of your own home. 

Your medical history, lifestyle, and dietary habits
Your personal and health goals
Any relevant diagnostic tests you’d like to order
A personalised plan to help you reach your goals

For a nutritional plan to help reduce severe symptoms of menopause and reclaiming control, we need to start with a chat. This is where everyone begins and returns to if it’s been 1 year or more since we last talked. It may feel frightening to ask for help - especially if you’ve never spoken about it before - but together, you’ll see that your menopause doesn’t need to be feared.

Before we hop on Zoom, you’ll need to fill out a patient questionnaire at least 48 hours before your first consultation.  

You’ll get an email reminding you of the time and date of your appointment.

The first consultation lasts for 75 minutes, and we’ll talk about:

Your medical history, lifestyle, and dietary habits

Your personal and health goals

Any relevant diagnostic tests you’d like to order

A personalised plan to help you reach your goals

Follow-Up Consultations

So, you’ve had your first consultation, and you’re following your personalised roadmap to menopause mastery. But you have questions. You want to check something. And you want to guarantee real results.

So, it’s time to book a follow-up consultation. This is where we’ll review your progress, and - if we need to - we can edit and amend your programme. 

I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t eat food you hate.
People gain so much pleasure from food, and this is about regaining pleasure, not losing it in the process. 

You’ll be able to speak up about anything that’s worrying you or ask the questions that have been ruling your mind for weeks. 

Plus, if you’ve been proactive in your approach to menopause mastery and you ordered a clinical test before, we can chat through your results. 
I’ll translate all the scientific data into plain English. No jargon or technicalities included, I promise. 

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What To Expect When You’re Going Through Menopause?

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