I know I’ve promised you a recipe for low sugar home made chocolates and these certainly fit the bill!

They do have a little honey in them but most of the sweetness comes from the creamy deliciousness that is cocoa butter.

You can buy it in health food shops, or online. Getting it in the form of buttons is a good idea – this stuff takes a bit of breaking up if you buy it as a wholesale lump!

The good thing about these truffles is that cocoa butter is distinctly, absolutely healthy!

Not only does cocoa butter quite obviously contain fats, there’s a great blend of anti-inflammatory oils and fat soluble vitamins E and K. Not only that, we also have Cocoa Mass Polyphenols – which suppress T cell hyperactivity associated with auto-immune conditions.

As if that wasn’t enough, cocoa butter and cacao contain phenethylamine, which helps us retain dopamine and serotonin, and this breaks down into L-Tyrosine – a very useful amino acid and often deficient in a vegetarian diet.

Since so much of the chocolate “feel good” factor comes from substances other than the sugar, why bother eating the stuff that rots your teeth, messes up your guts, spikes your stress hormones, stresses your pancreas and leaves you feeling sad?

Add in the long established benefits of coconut oil, cacao and the superfood anti-oxidant power of raspberry and you know you’re onto a winner with these deliciously decadent healthy truffles. Here’s how – oh, and if you don’t have molds, just make vaguely ball-shaped things with a teaspoon once it’s started to set!


100g cocoa butter

2 tbs coconut oil

2 tbs cacao powder

2 tsp freeze dried raspberry powder – sifted

1 tbs honey

1 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Melt the cocoa butter gently in a bowl over a saucepan of water and add the vanilla.
  2. In a separate bowl combine the other ingredients and mix well so that the coconut oil is quite smooth.
  3. Add the cocoa butter & vanilla and whisk.
  4. Pour or spoon into silicone molds, making sure to fill well if the mix has started to firm up (it does if your kitchen is cold!).
  5. Refrigerate for an hour to set.
  6. Pop out of molds and roll chocs in cocoa.

You can buy lovely little cardboard boxes and delight your friends with edible gifts, or just pop ‘em in Tupperware to bring out with coffee or after dinner. They don’t need to be in the fridge either, once they’re set! Another “sugar-tastrophe” averted!

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